About us

ez100.com is a new generation of online restaurant supplier for the restaurants in North America. We strive to provide a variety of products, attractive prices, convenient services and fast delivery. ez100 was established in 2019 by well-known North American catering organization, Internet and technology elites.As the industry continues to evolve, traditional supply chains should also converge to adapt to its latest development. Online and offline customer services trend to be integrated. ez100 has won compliments and trust from American restaurant owners for its continuous innovation and high-quality service. ez100 has served restaurants in more than forty states in the United States. ez100 has become the largest online restaurant supply platform for Chinese and Japanese restaurants in North America. We have received financing led by well-known Silicon Valley funds.Our mission is to provide fuss-free operations for the restaurant industry players and ultimately, simplify and streamline the entire process. ez100 is helping restaurant owners to reduce the cost and improve efficiency by using high technology. Our vision is one that contributes to the growth of the restaurant industry in North America.


Integrity, Responsibility, Cooperation, Excellence


To become the greatest restaurant supply platform in North America


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