Restaurant suppliers are raising the prices of ingredients, disposable products, and other supplies in response to the rising container shipping rate. It is expected that there will be a shortage of supply in the future.

Suez incident collides with surging demand to deplete capacity.

Seaborne freight rates are heading higher again, driven to new heights by unrelenting consumer demand and company restocking from Europe, American, and Asia that are exhausting the world economy’s capacity to move goods across oceans, according to MarketWatch. At the same time, regarding pre-pandemic levels of demand from the city’s recently reopened restaurants and bars, the restaurant supplies export demand from Asian countries increased—orders for new container ships from Asia to American jumped the most since 2009.

Charlotte Cook, an analyst at the British Ship Price Evaluation Company, said: “The level of chaos in the global shipping industry continues unabated. The serious chaos may continue until summer.”

The chaos of the sea freight rate is making a significant impact on the restaurant supply chains. It also challenges ez100 due to the shortage of products, price, and the supply chain's delay. ez100 is eager to hold the product price, provide stable product availability, and help restaurant owners as they reopen.

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